Consultation on Review of the National Adaptation Framework

Closed 20 Jul 2022

Opened 25 May 2022


The Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015, as amended (the Climate Act), requires the making of a National Adaptation Framework (NAF) by the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications. In accordance with the 2015 Act, this National Adaptation Framework specifies the national strategy for the application of adaptation measures in different sectors and by local authorities in their administrative areas in order to reduce the vulnerability of the State to the negative effects of climate change and to avail of any positive effects that may occur. 

The first NAF was approved by Government on 15 December 2017.  Under Section 5(1)(B) of the Climate Act, the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications must review the framework not less than once every five years after the date of approval by Government. There is, therefore, a requirement for the existing NAF to be reviewed by 15 December 2022.

The purpose of this public consultation is to invite views from stakeholders on the scope of the review of Ireland’s existing NAF which was published in January 2018.  Submissions made to this consultation will be considered to inform the recommendations to the Minister regarding the NAF that will guide national adaptation priorities over the coming years

The survey contains a maximum of twenty three questions depending on whether you are responding as an individual or on behalf of an organisation. The survey for individual reponses also includes a number of general questions that have been included to allow us to better analyse the responses received to the consultation. If you wish to make a submission to the consultation in Irish please contact us by email at 

The survey is divided into six sections under the following headings, relevant to climate adaptation policy, which have been chosen to inform the review:

Information sources and climate information

National policy

Additional sectors and priorities

Integration and alignment

Adaptation research and knowledge gaps


None of the questions are mandatory and you can reply to as many of the questions as you wish. General responses are also welcome and can be provided in the General section in the text box under Question 23.

A consultation document containing relevant background information  in relation to the consultation is available on the webpage dedicated to the consultation. Should you wish to make a detailed response to this consultation, it is recommended that you read the consultation document in advance of responding to the questions. The consultation document provides useful contextual information that should assist you in framing your responses to each question. 

This consultation is being conducted in line with GDPR data protection rules, and for this reason it is open only to those over 16 years old. If you have any technical issues in relation to completing the survey please contact